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Leadership Institute: To See Beyond

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Immediately preceding Merrymeet  

We say that Witches see the world “through magical eyes,” but what does that mean?  How does our paradigm of reality, our worldview differ from the mundane perception of reality?  Do rituals, past life regression, mind-shifting into animal and plant realities, aspecting as deities, divination, and other magical practices give us a different perspective on life and how it should be lived?

We may see things differently, but does that mean we live in accord with our views?  Are our communities, families, relationships, and vocations aligned with our vision of reality?  If we are partially “stuck” in muggle perspectives, how can we free ourselves to better embrace a magical viewpoint and lifestyle?

As teachers and elders, how do we guide our students to understand and strengthen magical ways of seeing and being?  Are there exercises, activities, rituals, and classes that we can share with them—and each other?

Join Amber K and Azrael Arynn K of Ardantane Pagan Learning Center, for an exploration into magical sight, vision, and perspectives, complete with resources you can take home to share with your covens and communities.

Amber K and Azrael Arynn K are Directors of Ardantane Pagan Learning Center and authors of True Magick, Ritualcraft, Heart of Tarot, and other books.

Ardantane is a nonprofit educational organization established in the state of New Mexico. We are an alternative learning center and seminary on 25 acres in the Jemez Mountains of New Mexico, one hour northwest of Albuquerque.



Leadership Institute – Includes continental breakfast and lunch $50.00

Note:   Leadership Institute is included with a 4-Night Registration Package.

To register for Leadership Institute along with Grand Council/Merry Meet, see the registration page.   

To register for Leadership Institute separately, click here  GC 2011 Leadership to fill out the form.  Email the form to

We are unable to accept online payment at this time.  Please call 214.682.8230 to make payment arrangements. 


Please send questions to



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