Your Grand Council ~ Merry Meet 2011 site!


We have found wonderful vendors for this year’s Grand Council Merry Meet.  

The vendor space is a large, secure conference room that is adjacent to Grand Council/Merry Meet registration, meeting and dining areas.   We are looking forward to a variety of unique, Magically-themed vendors for this national COG conference.


All vending openings have been filled!

Vending room hours:

Wednesday   8/17   – Setup: 5 PM to 8 PM
Thursday       8/18   – Setup: 8 AM to 12 PM
Thursday       8/18   – Vending Open: 12 PM to 8 PM
Friday             8/19   – Vending Open: 8 AM to 8 PM
Saturday        8/19   – Vending Open: 8 AM to 8 PM
Sunday           8/20   – Vending Open: 8 AM to 12 PM (Must be out of room by 12PM)


The Program will be available to all registered attendees of the conference, as well as all day-trippers and guests. The program will include a schedule of events, book signings, workshop presentations and a list of vendors.


Amber K and Azrael Arynn K

Authors – Books, badges, magnets, and magical items

Wren’s Myth and Magic

Wren has been creating magickal tools and talismans for the craft community for 20 years. All her work is self generated and empowered in service to the Gods.

Jesse – Coyote Tales Symbol Makers

Pagan & Wiccan jewelry

Lisa – Eye of the Dragon

Find a shiny necklace, ring or other adornment, a statue, or a special outfit at Eye of the Dragon, or just stop by and say Hi! We carry silver, pewter and amber jewelry, clothing, Celtic tapestries and statues, clothing.

Dream – Gaia’s Earth Emporium

We carry everyday witchy wears, rituals supplies, gifts and much more including divination tools, ritual tools, ritual wear, incense, incense burners, pagan art, hand crafted BOS, hand crafted BOS illustrated paper, spell scrolls, rare crystals, books, tarot cards, pendulums, cauldrons, unique writing tools, pagan wax seals and stamps, candles, hand crafted divination boards, organic spell oils, spell kits.

Bridget Lester – Vesta Studios

Treasures of the Earth, forged in Fire, tempered in Air and Water. Ancient magic creates contemporary talismans. We create heirloom quality jewelry using precious metals, precious and semi-precious stones. We also offer custom design services to provide lovely “everyday” jewelry and will work with your astrological chart a unique magical talisman designed for you and you alone.

Anne & Candace – Goddess Ink

Goddess Ink is a new venue dedicated to publishing high quality, affordable creative books in celebration of Female Divine. As Priestesses and scholars, we endeavor to encourage and create works that will serve as a resource and a source of inspiration.

David & Jean – Phantom’s Paw

Phantom’s Paw is owned by a pair of solitaries. For many years we have been involved with Renaissance recreation and are presently working our way up in time to the American Civil War. We specialize in leather, spinning and weaving, sometimes combining them. Come “Dock your Booty” with us as we creatively pound on dead cows while getting twisted, warped and knotty. And feel free to fondle our wares.

Imagi–Faces – Face Painting – Five Sisters

Imagi-faces provides face painting for parties and events in the Dallas area. We paint detailed elaborate faces, quick full face designs and cheek art.

Medbh – Witch to Wear – Five Sisters

At Witch to Wear we make one of a kind originally designed and hand artisans pieces with both traditional and playfulness in mind. Clothing, Hats

Chaos – Creations out of Chaos – Five Sisters

Glass Runes, Glass Artwork, Scrying Mirrors, Wards

Amie – Haunted House Linens – Five Sisters

Cloaks, masks, pouches, T-Shirts, Wands

Hazel – Dreaming Hazel Studio – Five Sisters

Dreaming Hazel Studio is the evolving storefront, gallery, and story center for the graphic artist Hazel. All images are original to the artist; most of which are completed as pen & ink and watercolor paintings. Hazel works in the Mythic genre. Her images are illustrative in nature sharing the stories of Gods and Goddesses, faerie, and all things magical. Come play!

Texas Local Council and National CoG Tables

Tables for Raffle items, auction items, literature – Sell raffle tickets

 Please email with any questions!




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